Green Exercise – It is in Your Nature

A pic from my visit at the Texas Discovery Gardens The Pretty Workout Spring Issue By Mary Lou Preston Green Exercise – It is in Your Nature      Do you see the bench on the other side of this green field? I will race you. Ready, set run! “Nice interval sprint!” -I say to you […]

Winter Wonderland Garden

Pansies,snapdragons and rosemary are planted, and yes they do brighten up my winter garden days, along with the Christmas lights.  Believe or Believe not they survived the ice storm, snow and cold. The catnip is planted in a pot so I happily bring the baby catnip plant in at evening time and place it back […]

A Summer Read Green Garden Flower Fit Girl Recommends!

  Hi!  Enjoy the video, and hope you can catch some summertime reading Buddy by Brian McGrory, a Boston Globe Writer.  A hilarious, heartwarming summer book I recommend. P.S. I enjoy the Mallards, bunnies, birds that visit my backyard and the view of blue herons, geese, white cranes as they drop in to feed at […]

National Gardening Exercise Day June 6 Enjoy Butterfly Fruit Pizza!

Happy National Gardening Exercise Day! I hope you all are able to get outside today to enjoy the fresh air and take in a workout in the garden.  I am working on my butterfly garden (still searching for the milkweed) but the purple butterfly bush, yellow lantana, white daisys and purple lavender are ready for […]

Happy Earth Day!

Hi Everyone! I have not been here lately because I was over there . . . in the garden. I planted cantaloupe, cucumber, sweet pepper, tomato, strawberries, marigolds, zinnias, petunias, impatients, passion vine and wisteria (also put together an arbor to run the wisteria).  In the butterfly garden, I added lantana,  and continue to check […]

National Gardening Exercising Day

National Gardening Exercising Day Time for sweet thoughts on planning and planting your green garden with plenty of fresh herbs, vegetables and all beautiful flowers! Let’s be ready for National Gardening Exercising Day in June! Until then, let’s plant and exercise in the beautiful outdoors.  Enjoy!  Love, Green Garden Flower Fit Girl