The Pretty Workout is Not Idleness

My cat left me a smiley face! Eat, rest & be happy -a cat's motto.

My cat left me a smiley face! Eat, rest & be happy      -a cat’s motto

The Pretty Workout

August Summer 3 Issue

By Mary Lou Preston

The Pretty Workout is Not Idleness

          The googled definition of idleness is disinclined to work or be active; lazy.  The googled definition of lazy is unwilling to do work or use energy. The googled definition of couch potato is a person who spends little or no time exercising and a great deal of time watching television. Well, do I have an exercise for you!  It is a pretty workout exercise you can do even while watching TV, and this exercise will be the bridge to connect or, I want to also say, erase, any idleness from your mind on how to schedule your pretty time.

          The Glute Bridge is a resistance exercise for the glute, core, quads and hamstrings. Begin by relaxing on the floor or choose a comfortable mat.  Rest comfortably on your back.  Slowly bend legs, and rest feet flat on mat.  Gently place arms alongside body with palms facing down.  Take a deep breath, inhale, relax, think pretty thoughts, exhale slowly and watch you TV show.  With a count of 8, slowly raise glute off mat, shoulders, palms of hands and feet are gently pressed in contact with mat. Stop raising glute at point when knees and shoulders are aligned, like a straight board.  Hold glute and squeeze contracted glute muscle for a count of 8 while exhaling and pressing abs to lower back. Slowly, with a count of 8, lower glute back to mat. Rest a second and repeat glute bridge for your pretty workout level of fitness.

Glute Bridge Pics

Rest info

           The “pretty must be” fit tip is to incorporate rest time into your pretty workouts.  Rest is important!  Rest times in between your pretty workout sets, and in between your pretty workout days are not idleness.  A synonym for idleness is inactive.  Rest is important and an active time for the muscles to repair, grow, strengthen, tone and to reenergize for your next pretty workout.  If rest time is not incorporated into your pretty workout routine, injury, fatigue, and even disinterest will appear because you will not see results.  In order for the results to happen, REST in needed!  So, you want to see your pretty workout results, right?  Schedule your rest times in between sets, exercises, and your pretty workout days, and this will allow your muscles to repair, grow, strengthen, tone and reenergize !  You will be happy with the pretty workout results!      

A “Pretty Workout” Quote

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” -John Lubbock

From my heart for your heart,

Green Garden Flower Fit Girl


The Pretty Workout Is Like A Summer Picnic


The Beautiful Monarch Butterfly picnics on a Butterfly Bush in my backyard.

The Pretty Workout

August Summer 2 Issue

By Mary Lou Preston

The Pretty Workout Is Like a Summer Picnic

          The Pretty Workout is like a summer picnic. There will be clear, blue sky, pretty workout days or summer picnic days with a sprinkle of rain surprise.  There will be aches, pains, or tiredness in your pretty workout much like the ants crawling onto your picnic blanket.  There will be days when listening to music to motivate your pretty workout much like listening to the sounds of nature and loved ones laughing on your summer picnic.  And there will be the summer picnic with a visit of a pretty butterfly floating by just like the pretty workout with the posture perfect exercise called the rear delt fly!

          As you sit on the picnic blanket in life, are your shoulders rounding forward?  Is your stomach pooching out?  If you answered, “yes”, a solution is as simple as rolling your shoulders back to correct your posture to appear healthier.  The resistance exercise to perform to have better posture, which means stronger posture in this case, is the Rear Delt Fly.  The rear delt fly exercise is the resistance exercise to visit in your pretty workout more often. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, and with knees slightly bent.  You guessed it, roll your shoulders back to align your posture.  For resistance, you may choose hand weights or band. If holding hand weights, slightly pike upper body forward.  If holding band resistance in hands turn palms facing downward. Raise arms in front of body, slightly below shoulder level, keeping elbows bent.  Do not lock elbows. Move to open arms out to sides and feel the squeeze in the shoulder blades area.  Hold muscle contracting and breath out,exhale.  Return arms to front of body position and inhale.  Repeat rear delt fly with consistent and even movement.

Need a pic, go to:

Hey Boo Boo, It’s time for a picnic!

The “pretty must be” fit tip is to listen to your body.  If you are having a sunny, clear, blue sky picnic day or “I am feeling great today” pretty workout day, then you give 110% in your pretty workout.  This is explained by getting out of your comfort zone, or trying a new challenging exercise.  Push yourself hard on these days.  If your picnic day has a slight surprise of rain or you are feeling tired in your pretty workout, then you give 100% because most likely you will feel revived, and surprisingly refreshed after your pretty workout!  If you listen to your body and you feel exhausted, then you rest and plan your summer picnic and your pretty workout for another time. Shhhhh, LISTEN to your body.  Thank you and your healthy body will thank you too!

A “Pretty Workout” Quote

 “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.” –  Ernest Hemingway

From my heart for your heart,

Green Garden Flower Fit Girl

My Backyard Nature Channel


Ducks, birds and rabbits together in nature’s harmony.  Wisteria with duck pond view.  Red cardinal visits the verbena.


Turtle visits and decides to head back to the pond.  Catalina spies on baby long-tailed grackle.  Nighttime view of fountain.


Mallard ducklings visit.  Bunny Rabbit eats apples and fallen peaches from tree.  Black swallowtail enjoys flowers too!


Beautiful climbing rose view.  Garden Angel Trellis stands guard.

Below meet the viewers of the Backyard Nature Channel – Catalina, Catsandra and Princess, all three are sisters.


 Check out their book, Do You Know What Wildcats Do at School in P.E. Class? Wildcats’ First Day in Class, written by Mary Lou Preston is available at and

LOVE, Green Garden Flower Fit Girl

Summer Poem by Mary Lou Preston

Summer beauty is nigh, 

And thoughts of summer fun bring a sigh.

-Mary Lou Preston   

IMAG0081Black Swallowtail Butterfly visiting my garden of Verbena


O summer day, surpassing fair,
With hints of heaven in earth and air.

–Eben Eugene Rexford (1848–1916)



The Pretty Workout-Push It Up A Notch . . . To The Hot Core of Fitness

 IMAG0087 IMAG0088IMAG0089

Westerland Climbing Roses from my garden

The Pretty Workout

June, Summer 1 Issue

By Mary Lou Preston

Push It Up A Notch . . . To The Hot Core of Fitness

          Going to the beach this summer? What are you doing this summer? Are you ready to show the hot core of fitness this summer by enjoying the summer activities? Are you ready to show your core, abs, while you are enjoying the summer activities?  Summer fitness . . . had me a blast. Summer fitness . . . happened so fast. Met an exercise . . . push ups are hot, met a core . . . cute as can be. We worked out till 10 o’clock!

Summer Dreams . . . Tell me more, tell me more, but you don’t have to brag. Push ups are the resistance and core exercise to push it up a notch to the hot core of fitness for your hot summer pretty workouts dreams to come true. You can start by joining the 2600 Push Up Club. Perform 10 push ups daily, M-F, equals 50 push ups weekly, which totals 2600 push ups yearly. Join the 2600 Push Up Club today! Perform a variety of push ups from wide hand placement, narrow hand placement, staggered hand placement, diamond hand placement, incline, decline, and wall push ups, to name a few. It is the beginning of June, and I have performed and recorded 1100 push ups from January.  Join today!

Check these out:

The push up is the one exercise that works the entire core, the one that you want!

The “pretty must be” fit tip is to “Get out of your comfort zone!” Oh, pardon me, I’m Sandra Dee, please get out of your comfort zone when you are performing your pretty workouts, this is the exciting part, so you will get your pretty summer body results! Let me say the exciting news this way too, inside your pretty summer body healthy results will be gained and outside of your pretty summer body healthy results will show. Congratulations on a job well done being healthy inside and out.

Have a Healthy Happy Summer!

A “Pretty Workout” Quote

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

From my heart for your heart,

Green Garden Flower Fit Girl

Plant a Seed for Your Garden of Life Poem and Save the Songbird Poem by Mary Lou Preston

Hello Fellow Gardeners,

Please share the Plant a Seed poem and Save the Songbird poem with everyone, all ages, in your life for happiness and kindness to grow towards each other and nature.  Love & Peace – Green Garden Flower Fit Girl

Plant a Seed for Your Garden of Life Poem by Mary Lou Preston

A Smile Seed

Plant a smile seed and watch it grow

From your face to others “it” will go

Say “Hello, How are you?”, and wish a pretty day

On your way you go, and you will also know

Smiles not only grow, but glow

A Kindness Seed

Plant a kindness seed

Do a good deed

Be helpful, give a smile

Hold a door, all deeds are worthwhile

Just be kind to others

Especially . . . your mother

-Mary Lou Preston

YOU are the “Loveliest Flower” in my Garden of Life. Mary Lou Preston  Jan. 27, 2014

Save the Songbird

The Songbird is a singer

Of a melody to linger

In nature hear the pretty sound

And see the beauty all around

The Songbird is clearly

Nature’s one to hold dearly

-Mary Lou Preston

Children’s Energetic Poem/Action Rhyme

Hello Fellow Gardeners and Workout Partners!

This energetic poem/action rhyme is for the children in your life to enjoy moving and pretending to the action words while learning about the four seasons.  Have Fun!  Green Garden Flower Fit Girl

The Four Seasons Move Along

Tip toe like the raindrops from the spring shower
Reach for the blue sky and grow like a flower
Sway like a tree as the March wind blows
Jump for joy as the signs of Spring show

Swim like a fish in the cool blue waters
Hop like a rabbit as the days get hotter
Float like a butterfly in the warm June sun
Sing like a bird for Summer is fun

Scurry like a gray squirrel to gather nuts
Read a book and cuddle up in blankets
Nice September day to play a game of cards
Tumble like a leaf across the Fall yard

Hibernate like the big brown bear
Or slip and slide like the polar bear
Roll in the snow like a log or ball
December is when Winter calls

By Mary Lou Preston