The Pretty Workout’s Love Potion is Portion Size

The Pretty Workout’s Love Potion is Portion Size The Pretty Workout Valentine’s Day Issue By Mary Lou Preston The Pretty Workout’s love potion is portion size for healthy eating habits in order for one’s body to be healthy overall, whether it is maintaining weight, weight loss, or to reduce the risk of disease. Click and […]

My Backyard Nature Channel

Ducks, birds and rabbits together in nature’s harmony.  Wisteria with duck pond view.  Red cardinal visits the verbena. Turtle visits and decides to head back to the pond.  Catalina spies on baby long-tailed grackle.  Nighttime view of fountain. Mallard ducklings visit.  Bunny Rabbit eats apples and fallen peaches from tree.  Black swallowtail enjoys flowers too! […]

Summer Poem by Mary Lou Preston

Summer beauty is nigh,  And thoughts of summer fun bring a sigh. -Mary Lou Preston    Black Swallowtail Butterfly visiting my garden of Verbena   O summer day, surpassing fair, With hints of heaven in earth and air. –Eben Eugene Rexford (1848–1916)                  

Children’s Energetic Poem/Action Rhyme

Hello Fellow Gardeners and Workout Partners! This energetic poem/action rhyme is for the children in your life to enjoy moving and pretending to the action words while learning about the four seasons.  Have Fun!  Green Garden Flower Fit Girl The Four Seasons Move Along Tip toe like the raindrops from the spring shower Reach for […]