Mary Lou Preston holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education, and attained certifications by AFAA and Cooper Institute as a fitness trainer/counselor. Her experience in the fitness world entails high school and collegiate athlete, physical education teacher of prekindergarten through eighth grade students, certified fitness trainer/counselor for teens through seniors, fitness enthusiast, fitness blogger, fitness writer, poetess of action rhymes and energetic poems, and children’s fitness book author.
Visit Mary Lou Preston’s fitness blog, The Pretty Workout, on http://www.acupoffortitudefortheday.wordpress.com
Also, check out: Walk with Faith Summer Flip Flops designed by Mary Lou Preston, coming soon on http://www.acupoffortitudefortheday.wordpress.com
Do You Know What Wildcats Do at School in P.E. Class? Wildcats’ First Day in Class, written by Mary Lou Preston is available at http://www.Amazon.com and http://www.Dorrancebookstore.com

a cup of fortitude for the day with a splash of dreamer and a teaspoon of sweet thoughts . . .  that would be me!  My favorite things will be my blog topics encompassing motivational and inspirational quotes, poems, and thoughts on fitness, health, nutrition and nature.  These are a few of my favorite things . . . I simple remember my favorite things . . . And that I don’t feel so bad.  I hope my blog topics (favorite things) cheer up the day while bettering ourselves in fitness, health, nutrition and nature.

Love, Green Garden Flower Fit Girl

My Book Choice Recommendation for Spring is Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

I have a bird sanctuary and duck pond in view of my backyard.  I love nature.  I could spend hours in nature, watching and enjoying nature, whether I am walking, running, doing yoga, and working in my garden.  Exercise outside in the beauty of nature.  Green Exercise is the place to be! Farm living is the life for me.  I just adore a penthouse view, Darling I love you, but give me Park Avenue.  Oh, the Green Acres tune just played in my head.  😉   Happy Spring Everyone!  Love, Green Garden Flower Fit Girl

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