The Pretty Workout and Skull Crusher are BFFs 4EVA


The Pretty Workout

Halloween Issue

By Mary Lou Preston

The Pretty Workout and Skull Crusher are BFFs 4EVA

          Happy Boo-tiful October!  It’s party time!  Have you received an invitation to a Halloween costume party?  Maybe you are the host?!  I enjoy theme parties, or is it a – Boo?  Getting dressed in costume, taking in all the autumn decor and eating all the themed holiday foods!  Decorations and foods displayed as bat wings, pumpkins, leaves, tombstones, and skulls to name a few popular ones. It is fun to think, to pretend, to be the character of the costume choice. In fact, everyday, we can have a theme, a motto, an affirmation to be who we want to become, and to tone the triceps so not to have bat wings on the back of the arms. Smile.  And, therefore, this is why the Pretty Workout and Skull Crusher are BFFs 4EVA.  Confused about their relationship?  Read on to learn more about their character . . .

          Skull Crusher, alias DB Lying Triceps Extension, is a resistance exercise to tone and strengthen the triceps.  In other words, “Bye, bye bat wings” and “Hello, pretty, good lookin’ arms!”  Commence by placing dumbbells on floor next to you as you get into position by lying on your back with knees bent and feet placed flat on the floor.  Hold dumbbells in each hand with palms facing in and extend arms perpendicular to floor and in alignment with shoulders.  Slowly (and carefully) bend arms, 90 degrees, towards, yes, your skull, hence the name, but actually, allow dumbbells to stop next to ears.  Extend arms back to starting position as you exhale.  Repeat desired repetitions and sets for your pretty workout.

A “Boo-tiful” pic of Pretty Workout & Skull Crusher together:

Character info on skull crusher:

          The “pretty must be” fit tip is to keep a positive mind-set.  Choose a positive affirmation to read and affirm in your mind daily.  Display your affirmation, as decor, maybe written in a picture frame or simply taped to your mirror.  A positive affirmation to affirm daily, in your mind, who you want to become!  Best wishes always!

The “Pretty Workout” Quote

“As you think, so shall you become”  -Bruce Lee


From my heart for your heart,

Green Garden Flower Fit Girl


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