The Pretty Workout Balances Back to School & Keep Learning!


As you walk to school take note of your surroundings;  Bradford Pear Leafs Presenting Texas Fall Foliage

The Pretty Workout

September Back to School Issue

By Mary Lou Preston

The Pretty Workout Balances Back to School & Keep Learning!

           Ahhhh!   The smell of new books, the feeling of excitement in the air, meeting new friends, learning new things – all are things presented in the back to school environment.  Stressed?  Yes, but you can choose to balance your surroundings by understanding to focus on your objective for a successful learning environment. Start here with a pretty workout exercise to destress.  Let us focus to keep learning new exercises for your pretty workout to stay balanced as we go back to school.

          School is in session and the balance resistance exercise to learn is the One Leg Balance with One Arm Lat Row.
Hopefully, this balance exercise will destress your body and place you in an eustress environment (smiley face).  I will remind you here to remember to focus on your objective, surround yourself in a positive, learning environment with pretty thoughts on success of your objective.  Begin standing with feet shoulder width apart, and knees slightly bent.  Hold dumbbell in left hand and place right hand on right hip which helps to align posture.  Slowly lift left leg off floor, and pike upper body forward while holding weight on left side of body and balancing on right leg.  Hold balance position in a challenging hold for your pretty fitness level.  Bend or row left arm up to feel squeeze in left shoulder-blade area and exhale.  Return left arm to starting position, inhale and repeat row on left side for desired repetitions for your pretty workout objective. If need help to balance, place right hand on chair or bench for support in your pretty workout environment.   Repeat exercise for balance on left leg and right side lat row of body to keep your muscles balanced.

Pics for the Visual Learners:

The “pretty must be” fit tip is to surround self with good, pretty things and to learn new things.  This is not referring to  material purchases, even though shopping is a pretty fun activity!  Guilty?  Yes, of engaging in this fun , and actually it could be classified as a learning activity, oh, I am now off point.  Let me sharpen my pencil.  I was really meaning to surround self with love & forgiveness, beginning at the home environment with your family and friends, and extending it out towards your community environment.  Next, surround your home with pretty things such as; reading materials to keep learning new things, performing the dirty, but good job of cleaning and recycling things, creating a pretty workout environment of drinking water, eating the colorful rainbow of healthy foods and exercising for good health and well-being, planting pretty flowers, gardens and/or trees, all which extends the beauty to help others out towards your community environment.   Also, surround yourself in quiet time meditating in a prayer environment, learning new prayers and extending prayers out for your community. Our world needs a global cleanup of peace and environmental beautification, and it all begins at home learning to surround self in the good and pretty, always learning, environment.

A “Pretty Workout” Quote

“You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success – or are they holding you back?”   – W. Clement Stone

From my heart for your heart,

Green Garden Flower Fit Girl


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