The Pretty Workout Is Like A Summer Picnic


The Beautiful Monarch Butterfly picnics on a Butterfly Bush in my backyard.

The Pretty Workout

August Summer 2 Issue

By Mary Lou Preston

The Pretty Workout Is Like a Summer Picnic

          The Pretty Workout is like a summer picnic. There will be clear, blue sky, pretty workout days or summer picnic days with a sprinkle of rain surprise.  There will be aches, pains, or tiredness in your pretty workout much like the ants crawling onto your picnic blanket.  There will be days when listening to music to motivate your pretty workout much like listening to the sounds of nature and loved ones laughing on your summer picnic.  And there will be the summer picnic with a visit of a pretty butterfly floating by just like the pretty workout with the posture perfect exercise called the rear delt fly!

          As you sit on the picnic blanket in life, are your shoulders rounding forward?  Is your stomach pooching out?  If you answered, “yes”, a solution is as simple as rolling your shoulders back to correct your posture to appear healthier.  The resistance exercise to perform to have better posture, which means stronger posture in this case, is the Rear Delt Fly.  The rear delt fly exercise is the resistance exercise to visit in your pretty workout more often. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, and with knees slightly bent.  You guessed it, roll your shoulders back to align your posture.  For resistance, you may choose hand weights or band. If holding hand weights, slightly pike upper body forward.  If holding band resistance in hands turn palms facing downward. Raise arms in front of body, slightly below shoulder level, keeping elbows bent.  Do not lock elbows. Move to open arms out to sides and feel the squeeze in the shoulder blades area.  Hold muscle contracting and breath out,exhale.  Return arms to front of body position and inhale.  Repeat rear delt fly with consistent and even movement.

Need a pic, go to:

Hey Boo Boo, It’s time for a picnic!

The “pretty must be” fit tip is to listen to your body.  If you are having a sunny, clear, blue sky picnic day or “I am feeling great today” pretty workout day, then you give 110% in your pretty workout.  This is explained by getting out of your comfort zone, or trying a new challenging exercise.  Push yourself hard on these days.  If your picnic day has a slight surprise of rain or you are feeling tired in your pretty workout, then you give 100% because most likely you will feel revived, and surprisingly refreshed after your pretty workout!  If you listen to your body and you feel exhausted, then you rest and plan your summer picnic and your pretty workout for another time. Shhhhh, LISTEN to your body.  Thank you and your healthy body will thank you too!

A “Pretty Workout” Quote

 “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.” –  Ernest Hemingway

From my heart for your heart,

Green Garden Flower Fit Girl


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