Plant a Seed for Your Garden of Life Poem and Save the Songbird Poem by Mary Lou Preston

Hello Fellow Gardeners,

Please share the Plant a Seed poem and Save the Songbird poem with everyone, all ages, in your life for happiness and kindness to grow towards each other and nature.  Love & Peace – Green Garden Flower Fit Girl

Plant a Seed for Your Garden of Life Poem by Mary Lou Preston

A Smile Seed

Plant a smile seed and watch it grow

From your face to others “it” will go

Say “Hello, How are you?”, and wish a pretty day

On your way you go, and you will also know

Smiles not only grow, but glow

A Kindness Seed

Plant a kindness seed

Do a good deed

Be helpful, give a smile

Hold a door, all deeds are worthwhile

Just be kind to others

Especially . . . your mother

-Mary Lou Preston

YOU are the “Loveliest Flower” in my Garden of Life. Mary Lou Preston  Jan. 27, 2014

Save the Songbird

The Songbird is a singer

Of a melody to linger

In nature hear the pretty sound

And see the beauty all around

The Songbird is clearly

Nature’s one to hold dearly

-Mary Lou Preston


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