Children’s Energetic Poem/Action Rhyme

Hello Fellow Gardeners and Workout Partners!

This energetic poem/action rhyme is for the children in your life to enjoy moving and pretending to the action words while learning about the four seasons.  Have Fun!  Green Garden Flower Fit Girl

The Four Seasons Move Along

Tip toe like the raindrops from the spring shower
Reach for the blue sky and grow like a flower
Sway like a tree as the March wind blows
Jump for joy as the signs of Spring show

Swim like a fish in the cool blue waters
Hop like a rabbit as the days get hotter
Float like a butterfly in the warm June sun
Sing like a bird for Summer is fun

Scurry like a gray squirrel to gather nuts
Read a book and cuddle up in blankets
Nice September day to play a game of cards
Tumble like a leaf across the Fall yard

Hibernate like the big brown bear
Or slip and slide like the polar bear
Roll in the snow like a log or ball
December is when Winter calls

By Mary Lou Preston


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