Pics of my Perennial Friends!

My perennial friends are back!   Here they are visiting in April with colorful force as they brighten up my garden landscape (and my smile!)  I love perennials, they are a gift that keeps giving.  My other perennial friends, daisies, passion vine, lilies, mums, and more will be coming soon, but for now -Enjoy these pretty pics!

Clematis Vine – The aristocrat of vines with the flower size as big as my hand!


Dianthus – The divine flower. Beautiful colors.


Delphinium – The name derives from Latin meaning dolphin referring to shape of nectary. Gorgeous. I remember these in my mom’s garden.


Coral Honeysuckle –  Trumpet shaped flower for my Angel trellis with a pretty fragrance as you walk on by or fly by as it is the Hummingbird’s favorite place to visit.


Wisteria – The sweet fragrance of wisteria perfumes my garden – it is beautiful.

. IMAG0035

Snapdragon – See the face of the dragon in the flower. Look closely, it won’t bite.


See you in the Garden! Love, Green Garden Flower Fit Girl


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