Green Exercise – It is in Your Nature


A pic from my visit at the Texas Discovery Gardens

The Pretty Workout
Spring Issue
By Mary Lou Preston
Green Exercise – It is in Your Nature

     Do you see the bench on the other side of this green field? I will race you. Ready, set run! “Nice interval sprint!” -I say to you as I catch my breath. Did you think we were going to sit on the bench? I have a better idea. Let’s do pushups, incline or decline? Place your hands on the bench and toes in the green grass for incline pushups, or place your toes on the bench and hands in the green grass for decline pushups. Come on, don’t be shy. Join me in green exercise; after all, it is in our nature.

     Wilma Rudolph said, “I loved the feeling of freedom in running, the fresh air, the feeling that the only person I am competing with is me.” Today, let’s get outside and fill our lungs with fresh air while performing Walking Lunges and Intervals only competing with personal records.

     Intervals are performed by the changing of time, distance or event. Example of an interval choice of mine is to begin with a skip, then perform walking lunges, and add a run next in the interval. Repeat interval of skip, lunge and run for a certain distance or time, your choice, depending on your pretty fitness level. I am skipping outside right now, on the hike and bike trail, next to the duck pond and the green field we just ran. So, next in the interval would be, you know, walking lunges, right? Correct, and here is the proper technique for a lunge to gain benefits, reduce stress and injury.

     Traveling lunges or called walking lunges are performed to increase muscle tone and strength primarily in the glut and quads. Core muscles are also activated, along with cardio muscle as you propel or push off to move body forward in a travelling or walking movement. The push off is through the heel of the leading lunge leg. An important technique, for proper alignment check, is to keep the knee at a right angle to hip and ankle. Keeping knee in alignment with ankle and do not allow knee to move over toes. Can you see toes? Good, now push off and up through the heel keeping body weight on heel of leading lunge leg. Keep alternating lunge leg as you travel in the walking lunge. Repeat for interval time or distance. Check this out:

     The “pretty must be” fit tip is to fill your pretty, pink lungs with fresh air, and absorb the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, on your pretty skin. Get outdoors and breathe in the fresh air, inhale . . . now exhale, how nice and relaxing is that. Come outside with me, enjoy the sunshine and get the Vitamin D your pretty body needs. Visit other websites for more information on the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, such as; and/or
The feel of warm sunshine on your pretty face, breathing fresh air and the pretty sight of green parks, nature trails and the great outdoors will result in a pretty smile on your pretty face.

A “Pretty Workout” Quote
“I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair”
– Evel Knievel
From my heart for your heart
Green Garden Flower Fit Girl


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