2600 Push Up Club – Your End Results of the Year End Results!


2600 Push Up Club – Your End Results of the Year End Results!

          Your end results for the 2014 year-end results are in!  The 2600 Push Up Club was successful!  Many of the push up club members successfully performed the total of 2600 push ups for the year 2014.  Others, who joined later in the year, accomplished 2000 push ups as a total for 2014 year-end results.  One very wise person performed 2014 push ups for the year 2014.  All push up members were happy with the positive results resulting in an increase of – arm definition, arm strength. core strength, and overall achievement of attaining goal. Congratulations!

          Join the 2600 Push Up Club for 2015!  Perform 50 push ups per week, 10 per weekday, weekend days are for makeup if push ups were missed and not performed to equal 50 per week.  Did you know there are a variety of push ups to perform?  Try them all, mix up your workout with a variety of push ups, such as wall push ups, on-knees push ups, on-toes push ups, wide hand placement, staggered hand placement, military, triceps, incline and decline, to name some of  my favorites.

          I hope you join me in the New Year in setting fitness and health goals, planning and scheduling how to attain fitness and health goals, and achieving and attaining the fitness and health goals for 2015!  What will your year-end results be?  Join me in the 2600 Push Up Club.  Be  a 2600 Push Up Club member.

Albert Einstein “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

          Let us make 2015 better.  Let us get started with setting the goal, plan and schedule push ups, and perform to achieve and attain the fitness goal. Let us be smart and map out fitness and health goals for 2015.  Let us make 2015 the healthiest, fittest and happiest year yet.

Happy New Year and here is to a happy new you!

Green Garden Flower Fit Girl

P.S. I also accomplished 365 pull ups = an average of 1 pull up/day (even though I started later in the year with 10 pull ups/week and finished with 20 pull ups/week)   Another goal I set was knee ups, 50 knee ups/week and accomplished 2000 knee ups.  The Fun is setting a goal and then achieving the goal. I wish you fun in 2015!


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