Holiday Star


The Pretty Workout
Holiday Issue
By Mary Lou Preston
Hollywood Star Holiday Star
Holidays are approaching, and we are preparing by writing lists and cards, setting plans and tables, carrying shopping bags while running here and there. Who has time to exercise? You do, and here is how. Cardio and plyometric are the exercises to focus on during the holidays to relieve stress, increase energy and strength, plus it adds fun fitness into your day. Add these exercises, along with a “pretty must be” fit tip into your pretty workout to equal a pretty day for you.

The plyometric exercise I wish to share with you this holiday season is the Squat “Star” Jump.
Begin standing with feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Bend into squat position with knees aligned with ankles, glut pushed back with weight on heels, and arms bent at right angles in front of body. Please note knees need to be behind toes, to help with this push glut back with weight on heels. From squat position, jump vertically in the air to form a “star” shape by arms reaching up and out. Bend knees upon landing softly on feet into a deep squat position. Repeat.

The holiday “pretty must be”, during a pretty workout, is to drink water. Yes, water will hydrate your body with energy to get the shopping and planning accomplished for the sparkling holidays.

You are now prepared to set the plans to run into action during this holiday season for a healthy you to shine.

A “Pretty Workout” Quote
To be a star, you must shine your own light,
follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness,
for that is when the stars shine brightest – Napoleon Hill

From my heart for your heart,
Green Garden Flower Fit Girl



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