A Tiger Roars after He Catches His Prey


Can you find the tiger in the picture . . . or should I say on the pumpkin?  Happy Fall Y’all!

Yes, I love to carve pictures on a pumpkin, join me!  This time I carved the royal tiger’s face on a pumpkin.  I love the beauty of tigers.  A tiger roars after he catches his prey, but . . . I want to prepare you (before I roar) and hopefully, my news will be the roar to prepare you to take action this fall.

Push Up Club action that is, and yes, even to motivate you to carve your own pumpkin for the beautiful, colorful, cool fall season.  I know many of you joined my push up club in the beginning of the year.  I hope y’all (you all) are doing well with performing and recording the push ups.  Update for you on my performing and recording my push ups is . . .  push up number 2100!  I hope you are right up there in the numbers with push ups.  How many weeks left till the new year?  Join me and let’s continue to perform 50 push ups per week, with a goal of accomplishing 2600 push ups by year end.  And with that invitation, this tiger is preparing to roar.

Pumpkins, Push ups and Peace,

Green Garden Flower Fit Girl



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