March Celebration Calendar!and 2600 Push Up Club Update! and How’s your Garden?

Hello Fellow Gardeners!

Due to the cold, ice and snow, I have been covering my precious plants, cilantro, lettuce, rosemary, catnip, mums, lilies, daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, which they have been peaking and blooming with beginning of Spring near!  And bringing in my beautiful potted plants, rosemary, gerbera daisy, strawberry, and poinsettia, and succeeding in keeping them protected till warmer days ahead.  Yes, even in the Lone Star State – below freezing.  Soon, it will be time to plant the cantaloupe seeds, I have been itching to get in the garden, as you can tell, on the 70 degrees we have had is where I was, in the garden. Otherwise, I have been faithfully performing push ups!  I am happy to share with you –  I have 500 push ups to date!  I hope you joined or will you join the Green Garden Flower Fit Girl 2600 Push Up Club?  Check out previous post to gather the info on Green Garden Flower Fit Girl push up club.

Till next time, stay warm, especially in your heart, prepare for warm days ahead by planning your garden before planting your garden, and taking care of your health daily by exercising and eating healthy foods.

From my heart for your heart,

Green Garden Flower Fit Girl

Women’s History Month
National Nutrition Month
National Peanut Month
Music in Our Schools Month
Youth Art Month
National Caffeine Awareness Month
National Flour Month
National Sauce Month
National Noodle Month
American Red Cross Month
National Frozen Food Month
Foot Health Month
National Feminine Improvement Month


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