Winter Wonderland Garden

Pansies,snapdragons and rosemary are planted, and yes they do brighten up my winter garden days, along with the Christmas lights.  Believe or Believe not they survived the ice storm, snow and cold. The catnip is planted in a pot so I happily bring the baby catnip plant in at evening time and place it back outside in the morning warm sunshine, my cats favorite plant it is.  Soon, I will be planting the tulip bulbs in preparation for my spring garden. Remember to de-stress during this holiday time, take a brisk walk in the crisp, sunny weather, join my push up club 🙂  perform 10 push ups daily minimum, or let’s go ice skating.  I am doing all three and planning more!   Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in Your Beautiful Winter Wonderland.
Green Garden Flower Fit Girl

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