Happy Earth Day!


wisteria (Photo credit: cynthiana3)

English: Monarch butterfly(Danaus plexippus) o...

English: Monarch butterfly(Danaus plexippus) on a Zinnia Flower – Zinnias are favored by butterflies, many gardeners add zinnias specifically to attract them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi Everyone!

I have not been here lately because I was over there . . . in the garden. I planted cantaloupe, cucumber, sweet pepper, tomato, strawberries, marigolds, zinnias, petunias, impatients, passion vine and wisteria (also put together an arbor to run the wisteria).  In the butterfly garden, I added lantana,  and continue to check nursery for milkweed.  The snapdragons, roses, azaleas, oleander, and daffodills are blooming. Cosmos, mums and lilies are peeking out of the ground, peach tree has 3 small green (to be peaches), and my butterfly bush and hydrangea are green, full and preparing their flowers.  Wish my gardens well and yours too!

Enjoy the Green Exercise.

Happy Earth Day.  Green Garden Flower Fit Girl


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